We need a government that protects every Indian – Rahul Gandhi

A large number of people reached Bharat Jodo Yatra on the second day as well, Rahul Gandhi addressed the public meeting by paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in Ghaseda, cutting electricity at Bhadas village, the halting place of Bharat Yatra, a symbol of the government’s low mentality – Bhupendra Hooda, Bond Dipendra Hooda made medical students agitating against the policy meet Rahul Gandhi

Chandigarh. Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra in Haryana covered its journey from Nuh to Sohna on the second day today. During this, despite the bitter cold and fog, the enthusiasm of the people did not decrease and more people participated in the yatra than yesterday. As the day progressed, the crowd kept increasing in the yatra. A large number of people were standing on both sides of the roads in which a large number of women were present. Who were eagerly waiting for Rahul Gandhi’s visit for hours. During this, Rahul Gandhi accepted the greetings of the people by shaking hands at various places. The yatra started from 6 am itself and Congress MLAs, officials including Bhupendra Singh Hooda, Udaybhan Deepender Hooda along with Rahul Gandhi continued to walk. Rahul Gandhi stopped at many places and also met the local people and lovingly caressed the children on the way. During this morning, Dipendra Hooda got the medical students agitating against the bond policy to meet Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi listened to their problems.

After this in the afternoon, Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi village Ghaseda and addressed the public meeting. At the time of independence on 19th December 1947, Ch. Ranbir Singh had come here and stopped the people of the area from leaving. Rahul Gandhi said that even at that time some people tried to break the country. He further said that he wants to warn those thinking of breaking the country that we will never let their plans succeed, they will break, we will not let them break. Rahul Gandhi gave a message to the people that no matter what happens, do not be afraid of anyone. He also added that just as demonetisation, GST were weapons to kill small traders, in the same way the three agricultural laws were weapons to kill farmers-labourers. We need a government that protects every Indian.

Speaking about his visit, Rahul Gandhi said that in Parliament, when the opposition wants to speak on issues of public interest, the mike is switched off and the camera is turned the other way. That’s why the Congress party had to start the journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Speaking about future plans, Rahul Gandhi said that the area needs good educational institutions, hospitals, medical colleges. Everyone is feeling this. Good roads, hospitals, colleges, universities are the rights of the people and we will do these things when the Congress government comes to power in the state.

During this, while addressing the public meeting, Leader of Opposition Ch. Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that before 2014, his government implemented drinking water scheme in Mewat, Mewat Engineering College, Women’s College, Aarohi Model School, Medical College Mandikheda, satellite campus of Maulana Azad Medical College were opened. The Gurgaon-Alwar road was given the status of a national road and dozens of development works were done. But in the last 8 years, the BJP government did not do any development work. This is completely non performing government.

In a press conference held earlier, he expressed deep displeasure over the news of power cut in Bhadas village, the halting point of Bharat Yatra, for the whole day and today police prevented people from coming to Bharat Jodo Yatra and warned the Haryana government that if due to the yatra, If the electricity has been cut, then the electricity of the whole of Haryana will have to be cut. Because, the whole of Haryana has joined Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. Second, the job of the police is to maintain law and order, not stop people from attending the yatra. The government should not do any such work inspired by politics. The present BJP government has no achievements of its own to show. This is a completely failed government.

He further said that unemployment in 2014 was the lowest as compared to other states. In the report that is coming now, Haryana has the highest unemployment in the whole country. 1 lakh 82 thousand government posts are lying vacant. The contract system is being promoted in the name of Skill Corporation. This government does not want to provide employment. Due to the wrong policies and attitude of the government, the investment is going back instead of coming. Today there is no teacher in the school, no doctor in the hospital, no employee in the office. When our government comes, this situation will end and Kaushal Nigam will be abolished, recruitment will be done for sure.

In Gandhi village Ghaseda, Siddiq Ahmed welcomed Rahul Gandhi by wearing a Mewati turban. Haryana Congress in-charge Shakti Singh Gohil, Bhupendra Singh Hooda, Chow. Udaybhan, organization general secretary K.C. Venugopal, MP Deepender Hooda, AICC OBC Department Chairman Capt. Ajay Singh Yadav, Kumari Selja, Randeep Surjewala, MLA Aftab Ahmed, MLA Maman Khan, MLA Rao Dan Singh, Yogendra Yadav etc. were present.

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