Heera Ben-Dhankhar was an inspiration for crores of workers along with Modi ji

Dhankhar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother has left an indelible mark after completing her life’s journey. She was an ascetic, a motivator as a homemaker, as a source of education for her family, as an aide in parenting and as a family strengthener. New Delhi / Chandigarh. Speaking at the condolence meeting organized … Read more

Yoga Yatra organized with the inspiration to stay healthy through Yoga

Inspiration given to create awareness and stay healthy through yoga Ajmer: Yoga Yatra was organized today by the Central University of Rajasthan with the aim of creating awareness to prevent diseases and to inspire to stay healthy through yoga. Vice-Chancellor Prof. from the University campus located at Bandarsindri, Ajmer. With the inspiration of Anand Bhalerao, … Read more