Union Minister of State started the work of RUB by plucking coconuts from the elders of the village

Country Union Minister of State Shri Krishanpal Gurjar started the work of RUB by plucking coconuts from the elders of the village after solving the problem of under bridge near Chandavali village on Ballabhgarh-Mohana road of Faridabad on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Union Minister of State Shri Krishanpal Gurjar started the work of RUB by plucking coconuts … Read more

We need a government that protects every Indian – Rahul Gandhi

A large number of people reached Bharat Jodo Yatra on the second day as well, Rahul Gandhi addressed the public meeting by paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in Ghaseda, cutting electricity at Bhadas village, the halting place of Bharat Yatra, a symbol of the government’s low mentality – Bhupendra Hooda, Bond Dipendra Hooda made medical … Read more

The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi gave the last farewell to his mother.

Uttar Pradesh BJP misuses government machinery in elections: Mayawati Good Morning News May 17, 2023 0 Meeting called on Thursday in view of next year’s Lok Sabha elections A state in Eastern India Opposition leaders meeting will be held in Patna after Karnataka elections. Good Morning News Apr 29, 2023 1 Said, will discuss the … Read more

Heera Ben-Dhankhar was an inspiration for crores of workers along with Modi ji

Dhankhar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother has left an indelible mark after completing her life’s journey. She was an ascetic, a motivator as a homemaker, as a source of education for her family, as an aide in parenting and as a family strengthener. New Delhi / Chandigarh. Speaking at the condolence meeting organized … Read more

After Panipat, crowd gathered in Karnal to welcome Bharat Jodo Yatra

Deepender Hooda got the delegation of OBC community and nomad community to meet Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi met the players of Haryana and discussed in detail about the game, also participated in the Kabaddi competition, 100- Schemes for the benefit of the poor including 100 yards free plot will be implemented again, it is clear … Read more

There is no doubt that the Congress government will come in Haryana – Rahul Gandhi

Energetic and enthusiastic welcome received in Haryana, strength of organization was visible on the streets – Rahul Gandhi Today the sanitation worker, rural watchman, MNREGA worker, ex-servicemen of paramilitary forces met Rahul Gandhi, the whole city gathered on the streets in the Bharat Jodo Yatra from Karnal to Dharmanagari Kurukshetra Karnal / Kurukshetra. Bharat Jodo … Read more

Haryana has shown what Haryana is and what it can do – Rahul Gandhi

Bhupinder Singh Hooda attributed the success of the Yatra to the affection and support of the people of Haryana, Haryana Congress in-charge, Leader of Opposition and State Congress President expressed gratitude to the leaders and workers for the success of the Yatra and Panipat rally, this Yatra of Rahul Gandhi Bhupendra Hooda will be written … Read more

There is enthusiasm among the people regarding the public rally of Home Minister Amit Shah: MP Sanjay Bhatia

MP Sanjay Bhatia and MP Ramesh Kaushik visited Gohana for preparations for Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s public meeting visited the venue Sonipat. Karnal MP Sanjay Bhatia and Sonipat MP Ramesh Kaushik made a review visit to Gohana on Monday for the successful organization of the public meeting of India’s Home Minister Amit Shah to … Read more

Rahul Gandhi ends the yatra by hoisting the tricolor in Srinagar

On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi unfurled the tricolor at Lal Chowk in Srinagar. On the eve of the last day of Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul had also raised questions on the BJP government at the Centre. Through a tweet, Rahul had asked PM Modi, ‘Prime Minister… Answer me, Kashmiri Pandits are asking you questions. What did … Read more

Amul increased the price of milk, new prices will be applicable immediately

Milk price will increase by three rupees per liter Gujarat- Gujarat Dairy Co-operative Amul has announced to increase the price of milk. An increase of up to Rs 3 per liter has been announced in the price of milk. The new prices have come into force with immediate effect. according to statement, amul gold price … Read more