Now army vehicles and submarines will not be able to come in the radar of enemies

IIT Mandi researchers invented such a technique

Market . Strengthening the country’s military power, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi have invented such a technology., by which water, Deadly military vehicles and intelligence bases running on the ground will not be able to be seen by the enemy’s radar. Scientists have created such a material technology, By coating which vehicles or intelligence bases will be able to dodge even the state-of-the-art radar. This material will be able to absorb an increased range of radar frequencies (signals), Whether the radar signal wants to cover the object from any direction. Dr. Srikanth Reddy, Assistant Professor, School of Computing & Electrical Engineering, Dr. Avnish Kumar and Dr. Bhushan Padhi have made this discovery together. The findings of this research work have been published in the journal IEEE Letters on Electromagnetic Compatibility Practice and Applications.

Developed technology based on frequency selective surface

Dr. G Srikanth Reddy of IIT Mandi told about this research that the researchers have prepared such an artificial structure/material., Which can protect our intelligence military vehicles and intelligence bases from the radar of the enemies. It can be used to protect intelligence military vehicles and intelligence military bases.?Can also be used to provide protection to windows or glass panels, Whose it is necessary to avoid the eyes of the radar. This technology has been developed on the basis of Frequency Selective Surface (FSS), Which absorbs an increased range of frequencies used by radar as a result of which it is not visible to surface radar.

Research will also be used in public areas

Radar is not only used in the military but it is also used in public areas for surveillance and navigation. Dr. Avneesh told that due to this the planes, water vessels, The movement of vehicles moving on the ground and in secret bases is detected. Avoiding radar detection is an important military security strategy, and the ability to evade radar can reduce the risk of becoming a target of enemy weapons. Stealth of radar technology may also be useful in reducing radiation exposure from buildings in the commercial sector and increasing their security. For example, the ability to become invisible to radar can also be used to protect information and privacy in private or intelligence locations.

This is how technology will work

Dr. Bhushan says that optically transparent ITO-coated PET sheet has been used in this design. FSS patterns are made on this PET sheet. The FSS patterns were created on the PET sheet by laser engraving technology and being symmetrical and glossy, the absorber becomes polarization insensitive. this c, Absorbs a wide range of frequencies of EM waves in the X and Ku bands. In this regard, various tests have revealed the fact that FSS technology can increase the frequency.?in range 90 Capable of absorbing more than 50 percent of radar waves. The team of researchers conducted several experimental studies of this design and the results obtained were found to be in line with the theoretical analysis, confirming its effectiveness.

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