Instructions for 8 steps to optimize the top youtube videos for seo

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Instructions for 8 steps to optimize the top youtube videos for seo

Hi . It’s 2K again – FB – NEWS  today guide you in 8 steps to seo videos to the top of  Youtube .

Why choose SEO YOUTUBE?

Video marketing is a trendy trend, so Youtube SEO is interested by many BUSINESSES.

Since the appearance of Google until now, user behavior has changed more and more. Their search trends are also broader. Now users don’t just search in the usual way. Users also search by Google for online photos or videos.

If the SEO work for the website to top Google is currently somewhat complicated and requires a lot of preparation, the ranking time is quite long. Then SEO for videos to the top of YouTube search is somewhat easier if you know how to do it right.

Instructions for 8 steps to optimize the top youtube videos for seo

Step 1: Keyword Research

The first step for you to do YouTube SEO is keyword research. You can use ahrefs software, to research keywords on youtube. Ahrefs is specialized software in keyword building and competitor keyword research.

Ahrefs will analyze your videos to come up with the most appropriate keywords. You just need to submit the video url to the add url section in Ahrefs to get the results. tells us the relevant keywords, the search volume of specific keywords. From there, you can write articles to include related keywords in your articles.

Step 2: How to write the title of a youtube video

Keywords in youtube seo will appear in the title, tag of the video

The title of the video: the title must meet 2 requirements that are

– The title must start with the key that needs seo.

– Titles should appear in parentheses

– The title must have a high click-through rate.

Click-through rate here means that you use an attractive title that attracts viewers. For example, add the words “tutorial”, “how to”, “real”… at the beginning of the title to increase the viewership rate.

Instructions for 8 steps to optimize the top youtube videos for seo
Instructions for 8 steps to optimize the top youtube videos for seo

Step 3: Build a description for the Video

The description of the video is written right below each video when it is posted. The description of the video must meet the following 2 requirements

– The video description on youtube must be of good quality

– The description must contain the main keyword needed when seo

The length of the video’s description is about 1000-2000 words. In the description of the video, there must also be the appearance of the main keyword that needs seo. The description of the video helps viewers understand their video. Moreover, you should add a few important links to lead customers to your website.

The description is not overwritten because Google relies on the description to assess the authority of the video.

Step 4: Tag of the video The

tag of the video must contain the keyword that needs seo. This tag will include the main keyword and the secondary keywords related to the topic of the video. Tag contains keywords, the better for seo later. Note: The first tag must be the main keyword, the 2nd and 3rd tags are the extension keywords of the main keyword, the 4th tags and on are the latent semantic keywords

For example: #How to SEO Youtube, #How to SEO Youtube 2022, #How to SEO Youtube 2022, #SEO youtube by phone, #how to SEO youtube effectively

Step 5: Post Videos on Youtube homepage

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How to post videos on youtube homepage extremely simple. First you need to create your channel through a gmail account you have. You should remember to verify your channel to be able to post long videos.

Videos posted on youtube must be optimized for content, keyword titles in the above section. When posting, you need to complete items such as title, description, tag… Moreover, you need to avoid copyright infringement as well as taking videos from other sources to post.

You should post long videos that will make viewers stay on your videos longer, preferably between 9 minutes and 15 minutes. YouTube prioritizes videos with long content and self-recorded content over video reup.

Step 6: Thumbnail image is very important

You should not get the suggested thumbnail image after uploading a video on you tube. You should design your own photos with the following criteria:

– YouTube’s favorite colors are: White, red and black. In addition, you can also combine colors: Blue, purple and Gray.

– Should use a maximum of 30 text characters in Thumbnail images. Letters should be bold.

– The image is attractive, clear and states the content to be said in the Video

Step 7: Share the video on social networking sites

When you are done posting your video on youtube, you must share it on social networking sites. This will increase your youtube views.

Share videos on social networking sites: Shared social networking sites are highly appreciated by Google such as: Facebook, twitter…. You should share with compelling content to pull viewers into watching your videos. You can invite viewers to share your video.

Video commenting is very important, your video attracts many viewers, many likes, and many comments, it proves that your youtube video has good content and has a good viewer experience. Here’s how to get videos to rank high on Google.

In addition, you can embed videos in blogs and websites to promote videos.

Step 8: Building backlinks

Building effective backlinks for videosBuilding backlinks in youtube seo is the same as building for a website. Backlink is the link pointed to your video through offpage.

You can get backlinks for your youtube videos in the following ways

– Create quality articles, then insert video links into that article. You will put those articles on forums, social networking sites Linkedin, Slideshare.

– Create blogs to embed youtube video links that need seo into it. You can embed in your home page or articles related to your video.

– Build backlinks from press websites to build quality backlinks. This is expensive so if you have the money to do it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t, go find other quality backlinks instead.

– If you do not have a source of quality backlinks, you can also buy Backlinks.


How to seo youtube is very simple, you just need to follow the instructions to be successful? Bringing video to the top is one thing, the most important thing is still the video content. Video content and quality help viewers stay in your videos longer. This helps to make your videos and channels reputable and highly appreciated by google. Wish you success with how to seo youtube!

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