After Panipat, crowd gathered in Karnal to welcome Bharat Jodo Yatra

Deepender Hooda got the delegation of OBC community and nomad community to meet Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi met the players of Haryana and discussed in detail about the game, also participated in the Kabaddi competition, 100- Schemes for the benefit of the poor including 100 yards free plot will be implemented again, it is clear from the crowd in Panipat that Delhi is not far for the Congress – Bhupinder Hooda, people of every caste, religion and community warmly welcomed the Bharat Jodo Yatra and Also participated in the yatra – Udaybhan, BJP only knows politics of vengeance. Maximum hatred, minimum governance in last 8 years – Jairam Ramesh

After Chandigarh-Panipat, a huge crowd gathered in Karnal to welcome the Bharat Jodo Yatra. In the second phase of Bharat Jodo Yatra in Haryana today, starting from village Kohand, Gharaunda constituency, passing through Madhuban, DAV Police Public School, Indri Chowk, Rahul Gandhi reached his night stop near Jhilmil filling station in Karnal. Meanwhile, despite the bitter cold and fog, yesterday’s record-breaking rally was full of enthusiasm among the people. A large number of people were seen welcoming the yatra on both sides of the road throughout the route. As the day progressed, the crowd kept increasing in the yatra. During this, Rahul Gandhi accepted the greetings of the people by shaking hands at various places. The yatra started from 6 in the morning itself and Congress MLAs, office bearers including Bhupendra Singh Hooda, Deepender Hooda along with Rahul Gandhi continued to walk. Rahul Gandhi stopped at many places and also met the local people and took photographs. On the initiative of MP Deepender Hooda, during the Bharat Jodo Yatra from Gharaunda under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi today held an in-depth discussion with the OBC community and the delegation of liberated nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes. The delegation told Rahul Gandhi about the neglect of their interests by the present government. Apart from this, in the afternoon, Rahul Gandhi met the players of Haryana, in which many international players including Arjuna Award, Dronacharya Award, Bhima Award winners were present. The sportspersons said that the Hooda government of Congress made schemes in the interest of sports and sportspersons, due to which the state gave many national and international players to the country. Rahul Gandhi listened to the problems of the players in detail. After this he reached a kabaddi competition event and encouraged the players. During this, former Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda and MP Deepender Hooda were prominently present.

The delegation of OBC society told that Ch. In the previous Congress government led by Bhupinder Singh Hooda, an ambitious scheme of giving free plots of 100-100 yards to poor families was implemented, which greatly benefited the backward society. Apart from this, the school children from class 1 to class 12 used to get the stipend. During the Congress government itself, loans worth Rs 174 crore of backward classes were waived off. All these schemes were stopped in the present BJP government. Rahul Gandhi said that once the Congress government is formed in the state, all schemes for the benefit of the backward classes will be started again, as well as what else can be done for their upliftment will also be considered. Rahul Gandhi also asked what more should be done for the empowerment of the backward classes. How to improve their education, health, standard of living so that they can be uplifted. Teluram Jangra, former IAS Chandra Prakash, Mahavir Singh Gurjar, Anirudh Singh Vidrohi were prominently included in the delegation of OBC society.

Representatives of the freed nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes told that in 2006, the Ranka Commission was constituted under the chairmanship of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, which made recommendations for their social, educational and economic betterment. The delegation urged Rahul Gandhi to implement the recommendations of the Ranka Commission. On this, Rahul Gandhi assured him that the recommendations of the Ranka Commission would be implemented if the Congress government was formed. Apart from this, free nomadic and semi-nomadic society will be given representation mainly in Haryana on the basis of population for active participation in politics. Representatives of freed nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes included Dhan Kumar, Satish Babu, Hariom Nayak, Ashok Kumar, Suresh Mahala.

Addressing the press conference held in the afternoon during the travel break, Leader of Opposition Ch. Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that ever since the yatra has come to Haryana, tremendous support is being received from every section of the society. Seeing the huge crowd gathered in Panipat yesterday, it can be said that this yatra has turned into a mass movement. He said that the one who won in Panipat went to Delhi. Seeing the mass gathering in Panipat yesterday, it can be said that now Delhi is not far for the Congress. Bhupinder Singh Hooda thanked the people of Haryana for the success of the historic rally held in Panipat. In response to a question, Hooda said that if the country has to be strong, brotherhood has to be maintained among themselves.

State Congress President Ch. Udaybhan said that Haryana is the land of heroes. In spite of Haryana’s 2 percent population in the country’s population, the army has 10 percent share. People from Haryana state have served the nation at the highest positions in all the three armies. There is no such district which does not have its own specialty. People of every caste, religion and community warmly welcomed Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra and also participated in the yatra.

Jairam Ramesh said that BJP only knows politics of vengeance. In the last 8 years there has been maximum hatred, minimum governance. Panipat is known all over the world for its MSME sector, but due to the wrong policies of the BJP, today the entire sector is getting ruined. On this occasion Jairam Ramesh, Leader of Opposition Ch. Bhupendra Singh Hooda, Haryana Congress in-charge Shakti Singh Gohil, Haryana Congress President Ch. Udaybhan, coordinator of Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rao Dan Singh, Kuldeep Sharma, Geeta Bhukkal and all Congress MLAs and senior party officials were present.

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